Thanks for your support Asheville! Google says to stay tuned.

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]With the deadline passed, you may be wondering what is next.

Follow along on the official Google blog. According to Google, 1100 community responses were filed and 194,000 individual responses were submitted.

Google’s map of the responses:
Map of Google fiber competition submissions

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Google Fiber Deadline is 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific.

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Keep those nominations rolling in! I recommend a Friday dinner downtown with friends and wifi and a laptop – a Google party! Link to deadline.

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Youtube Channel showcases Asheville talent and Google fiber videos

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Asheville-o-vision Youtube Channel full of Google fiber loveAsheville-O-Vision is a new youtube channel that has grown out of our grass roots effort to attract Google fiber. Check it out to see some great videos about Asheville. I’m struck by how many people really are working to change the world. Kudos to all the folks with big ideas.

It is also a good resource to link to for anyone nominating Asheville for Google fiber. The deadline is near, so nominate Asheville now while you still can.

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Andie MacDowell’s video to Google

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Andie MacDowell submitted her nomination form for Asheville today on the Google Fiber Initiative. She included this video with the submission. Have you done yours yet?! You have a few more hours. Even if you don’t have a video, please go and fill out the form!

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Looking to history for examples of the benefits of Google fiber

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Google’s fiber network, once built, will serve the community years and years to come. Here are a few examples of the economic benefits of similarly sized projects.

Consider how much it might cost to set the network up in Asheville and compare that to public spending in the past. If Google spends $1000 each to wire 50,000 homes in our area, they spend $50 million. Many think the costs to install would be much higher (this is the part that Google would pay). If it costs $4000 each and they wire 50,000 homes, the cost jumps to around $200 million.The Biltmore House construction costs are roughly equal to what Google proposes

When was the last time a private entity spent 200 million on a single project in our town? Easy. 1895. The Biltmore House is estimated to have cost around $10 million in 1895 dollars. Adjusted to the value of today’s dollars, that equals about $250-300 million. The Biltmore Estate is a priceless treasure now, of course, that has added billions to Western North Carolina’s regional economy.

If you think that kind of investment can help Asheville, and that Asheville can help the world, please nominate Asheville. It requires a gmail account but it is worth the effort. Today is the last day you can nominate and the deadline is 8 PM Eastern.

Here are two other interesting examples from a 2006 study of fiber networks and their potential to improve the economies of US cities, by Wayne Caswell of CAZITech Consulting. The first is railroad construction and the second is the installation of an optical fiber network:

The first example contrasts the growth of two large cities during the emergence of railroads. Up until about 1870, the main means of transportation was through rivers and canals, and that drove the economies of Chicago (on Lake Michigan) and St. Louis (on the Mississippi River). While St. Louis passed laws prohibiting railroad bridges over the river to protect precious waterways, Chicago embraced the railroads, and that made all the difference.

A more modern comparison is between sister cities in Iowa – one that installed optical fiber and one that upgraded their cable system instead. Cedar Falls was the smaller of the two, with a population of just 36,000, but it’s the one that chose fiber. Waterloo was nearly twice as large, with population of 68,000. After Cedar Falls installed fiber, new construction outpaced that of Waterloo and needed fewer taxes to fund that growth.

-Clark Mackey

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DEADLINE TO NOMINATE Asheville for Google Fiber: 8 PM today!

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Today is the day! Please nominate Asheville for the Google Fiber Project.Nominate Asheville for Google Fiber

Deadline: 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific.

A couple of tips about nominating:

  • It requires a gmail account
  • The big text fields cut off at 2000 characters but don’t warn you, so write lean.
  • Don’t be thrown off by the questions – the third question, for example, may not apply to you (“If you are responding on behalf of an organization or community group, please describe it”)   Just keep going and answer everything as best you can and then hit “send nomination.”

Creative Commons Image:

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Asheville’s Municipal Response

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While you all have been busy filling out the community response individually, the city has also been hard at work for the municipal response. This video seeks to capture essence of Asheville’s independent spirit while conveying the vital information Google needs to know about our Technology assets and creative ability to innovate applications. This video will accompany the municipal response from the City of Asheville to Google. A big thank you goes out to Ben Teague of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and Casablanca Digital Media for putting this together.


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Asheville’s Own Andie MacDowell

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A huge thanks to Andie MacDowell for this video and support of Asheville’s Google Fiber Initiative.  Please make sure to fill out the form by clicking the “Nominate Asheville” button on this site before Friday evening!


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How fast is the broadband you are on right now?

Test your connection right now and compare it to the chart below.[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]

Average download speeds by country*

  1. South Korea, 11 Mbps
  2. Japan, 7.3 Mbps
  3. Hong Kong, 6.9 Mbps
  4. Romania, 6.2 Mbps
  5. Sweden, 6.0 Mbps
  6. Netherlands, 5.1 Mbps
  7. Latvia, 5.1 Mbps
  8. Switzerland, 5.0 Mbps
  9. Czech Republic, 4.9 Mbps
  10. Denmark, 4.7 Mbps

18th:  United States 3.9 Mbps

Want something better than the number you just saw in your test? Nominate Asheville for Google Fiber.

Asheville with Google Fiber: 1000 Mbps (Note that this is a top speed, and the others actual average speeds)


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Brilliant Asheville Google Fiber video appeal

Help bring Google fiber to Asheville!

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