Hatchfest starts Thursday in Asheville: Greenville invited

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]I wanted to take a moment to invite the Greenville, SC Google fiber lovers up the mountain this weekend for Hatchfest, and also to plug a few Hatchfest events that are worth attending. If we had a bigger fiber network we would just stream the whole event for you!

For those not familiar with Hatchfest, it is a conference (of sorts) that, “provides mentorship, education, inspiration and recognition to the next generation of creative innovators.”

For me, Hatchfest is simpler: It’s one of the best events in the whole country for examining other people’s great ideas. It is brain food and a call to action, all rolled into one Water Obstacle.

All the daytime events are free. You can see the complete Hatchfest schedule here (on that linked page, the small icons at the top filter the list of events by discipline). The schedule rewards careful study.

This list is just my selection and it is tech-centric. The full schedule includes many events in technology, design, architecture, fashion, journalism, art, and music.

  • Thursday Apr 15:
  • 2:00pm Storytelling vs. Storydwelling Workshop with Jim Banister, CEO of Spectrum DNA, a design media studio. @Asheville Area Arts Council(AAAC)
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Trouble loading the unofficial Google fiber site? GO HERE AND VOTE…

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]You can still vote for Asheville. Here is the link to the actual poll, the one that is embedded over on the unofficial Google fiber site:


Two things were pointed out to me today (kudos to Michael at Ponderwell for the heads up).

  1. The Unofficial site that is running the poll, Googlefiber.com, is throwing out error messages and not always online.
  2. The actual poll is hosted from PollDaddy, meaning we can access or embed the poll anywhere.

So there you go – keep voting for Asheville!

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Vote for Asheville in an unofficial poll of cities vying for Google fiber

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]You can go to the “Unofficial Google Fiber Blog” and vote for Asheville in an open poll of the top cities vying for Google fiber.

Here’s the link: http://www.googlefiber.com/#pd_a_3012129

You can vote once a day and the poll closes in 30 days. I note that Greensboro is making up ground fast, so lets get the word out a bit.

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$24 million Golden Leaf award to help bring better broadband to rural NC counties; list includes Buncombe

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]The Golden Leaf foundation recently announced a $24 million grant for building out broadband networks in rural North Carolina counties. The grant is aimed to help secure $78 million in matching Federal funds – the combined total for this program is $111 million.

That is a large enough sum to install quite a bit of new fiber, but I’m not clear on the details of how the program operates or exactly what it will be helping to build out.

Several Western North Carolina counties are a part of the program, including Buncombe.

Are there any readers out there want to chime in and explain in more detail how these funds can help us build open access fiber networks in our area?

The Golden LEAF Rural Broadband Initiative will greatly increase the broadband capacity and stabilize costs for 179 public school systems, community college campuses, libraries, universities, and other public institutions through direct connections to the existing North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). MCNC has operated NCREN for the last quarter century. In January 2010, MCNC received $40M in the first round of federal funding to build out NCREN in the southeast and western portion of North Carolina.

In addition to supporting key community anchor institutions, consumers and small businesses will benefit from agreements among MCNC and several private providers that will result in more broadband options for last-mile and wholesale connections.

Here’s the full Golden Leaf press release.

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Google Fiber Mountain announced! Google fiber project to include Asheville, Greenville, Johnson City.

EDIT: This was an April fools day announcement from a non-Google source. I’m preserving the rest of this post as it was this morning, even though the “Google fiber Mountain” blog has disappeared. We remain proud supporters of both Google fiber and April fools day pranks. [tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]We’ve got fiber!

We were proud to learn that Asheville was among the cities selected for Google’s fiber mountain project. You can see the map and read the full announcement here.
Google Fiber mountain announced: Asheville to get Google Fiber

It was an extremely difficult decision. Our decision was strictly based on proximity, community involvement, and RFI response. Today we are announcing the first round of recipients. Our mission is to bring affordable, efficient, and cost-effective Ultra-High Speed bandwidth…

We are excited to be joining Greenville, SC – Asheville, NC – Johnson City, TN.

The details are still trickling out but three cities – Asheville, NC, Johnson City, TN, and Greenville, SC – will all be linked with a high speed fiber optic network, creating “Google mountain.” This is very good news.

** The blog in question before it was taken down by Google **

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Thoughtful post about why other broadband companies are not installing fiber

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Cost is only part of the equation, as Dave Troy over in Baltimore explains in his post, “Fiber Economics.”

What are the real economics of broadband infrastructure? It’s not so simple as market opportunity, investment, and subscribers; Verizon and Comcast have different regulatory histories and see the world differently. Google, as a potential new entrant, has completely different motivations Water Park.

Let’s take a look at the regulatory background, and then get a sense of what’s really motivating Verizon, Comcast, and Google.

He goes on from there – hit this link to read the whole post.

You can also check out, “Why is Google building a fiber network now,” as posted here several days ago. The two posts illustrate the same theme, but with slightly different perspectives.

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Take A Stand Show and Local Edge Radio support Google Fiber in Asheville

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Thanks to our local talk show hosts who took a minute to shoot a couple quick videos. Thank you

Take A Stand Show with Matt Mittan, from 570 WWNC


Local Edge Radio with Blake and Leslie, from 880 The Revolution


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“Asheville’s Visionary Past a Good Fit for Google’s Future” Editorial by Wally Bowen

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Wally Bowen, Executive Director at MAIN, published this editorial in the March 26th Citizen Times:

“Asheville’s Visionary Past a Good Fit for Google’s Future”

Asheville is flush with broadband fever as it compiles creative ideas to compete for Google’s ultra-fast, fiber-to-the-home network.

On Feb. 10, Google announced plans to build one or more “trial” networks to showcase innovative ways people can use the Internet at speeds “100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today.”

While the reasons for Asheville being an ideal site for a Google network are many, what most sets us apart is our commitment to self-help and social justice.

For more than 100 years, organizations like the YMI Cultural Center and the YWCA have kept the city’s torch of social justice burning, even when it was not popular to do so. Continue reading

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Google’s nomination form is still active – even if you are a late to the party, nominate Asheville

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Google’s FAQ says they reserve the right to examine nominations that come in after the deadline. Their nomination page is also still live. Thus, if you’ve just decided to nominate Asheville, go ahead. We appreciate the support . Google’s Nomination form. Thanks to our reader Ev who pointed this out inflatable water slide.

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Video by the City of Asheville

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]

Here is another response video from the city of Asheville. I love to see these keep pouring in. We can always keep adding to the YouTube group at http://youtube.com/group/googleavl.


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