Common Google Fiber Questions

Q: What is Google Fiber?
A: This post, What is Google Fiber?

Q: Where can I learn what Google has said about the project?
A: Google’s own FAQ about the Google Fiber project

Q: Why is Google doing this? Why now?
A: This post, Why is Google building a fiber network now?

Q: Why is Asheville a good match?
A: 18 Reasons Asheville is a perfect fit for Google Fiber

Q: How can I nominate Asheville?
A: Go here, choose “Nominate Your Community,” and submit their form. Requires a gmail account.

Q: How can I help Asheville attract Google fiber?
A: 5 Ways to help bring Google’s fiber optic network to Asheville

Q: If I wanted Google fiber’s 1 Gbps speed to the home, where could I get it?
A: Check out this article on Gigaom: Where in the world can you get 1 Gbps to the home?

Q: What kind of economic impact would Google fiber have on Asheville?
A: Significant positive impact. There is lot’s of encouraging speculation about this topic, but few hard numbers. Read, “Looking to history for the benefits of Google Fiber.”

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