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Google Info Sheet To Use and Share
March 5, 2010, 4:39 pm
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Hi everybody – one item that came out of our excellent community meeting at the Dripolator was the need for a one page explanation of this whole thing. I’m going to paste it below, just click the Read More. You can also find it at this URL:

Download it. Print it. Share it at Twitter, Facebook, etc. Edit it to your purposes. Add graphics. Go get ‘em!


Let’s Change The World Together With Google
March 3, 2010, 1:15 am
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If you’re here at, then you likely know what the Google Fiber Initiative is all about. If you don’t, then check this out


Google is planning to launch an experiment that we hope will make Internet access better and faster for everyone. We plan to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country. Our networks will deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today, over 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. We’ll offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.

From now until March 26th, we’re asking interested municipalities to provide us with information about their communities through a Request for information (RFI), which we’ll use to determine where to build our network.

You all heard about the Information Superhighway of the internet back in the day. Compared to a superhighway, this network is like a teleportation device. It’s so far beyond what anyone else is using that it gives Asheville the opportunity to dream big.

Medical Technology

We are Health Care Providers

We’ve got health care, education, biotech, climate science, data visualization, music, arts, data centers, internet firms, energy companies and an inordinate amount of extraordinarily talented people in this city. Imagine the possibilities if we had the hottest pipes running to every home and business.

Health care providers could network with hospitals all over the region. Mission’s Cancer Center and Cardiac Units could become global centers of research and healing. You could receive top notch medical care right in your home.

UNCA, A/B Tech, and Warren Wilson could become international centers of learning with the ability to perform the highest degree of technical modeling anywhere. Our public school system could become entirely connective and offer students learn-at-home options that parents can only dream of.


We are Green Technology

Our biotech leaders at the Bent Creek Institute could partner with the colleges involved in the All Taxonomic Biodiversity Index of Great Smoky Mountains National Park to research and catalogue the new species they’re discovering every day. Sharing the data with individuals and institutions could bring mean leaps forward in our understanding of the natural world.

Our climate sciences could collect more data, visualize more climate scenarios, and map possible solutions to our climate crisis in partnership with the schools and data visualization leaders like RENCI and The Elumenati. Academic Institutions could get in on the process in ways heretofore impossible.

Our musicians could pipe out live concerts around the world and engage in collaborations that would not be limited by the space between us. Our artists would have the best iteration of the online medium in the world to expand their audiences and their imaginations.

Our internet firms would explode overnight, quite suddenly having enormous advantage over everyone else. Our online community, already bursting with collective effort, could do more, raise more money for charities, and pioneer new ways of interacting via the internet.

Google Fiber in Asheville will give us the opportunity to change the world.

Fiber Optics

We are Information Technology

We need your help to let Google know that Asheville is the right home for their Fiber Network. While our governmental bodies are working on the nuts’n'bolts application, Google is asking individuals and community groups from the contending cities to submit applications of their own. Application page is here. Asheville needs to have the highest number of applications and the highest quality. That won’t happen without you.

In addition to applying, we also need to let Google know that Asheville is thrilled at the prospect. Social media, YouTube, blogs, audio, internet radio – can help by raising a ruckus. Make videos about how Asheville will change the world with this network. Write songs. Optimize local sites so a search for Google Fiber brings people to Asheville based content. Trumpet our community’s strengths and your own ideas.

In considering messages we want to send to Google, we can unify our theme based on information we have about what Google wants to see in its host city. Here are some ideas regarding ways to talk about our community’s great fit for Google.

We are:

  • Diverse and involved
  • A community of innovation
  • Ready and accelerating

Fertile, diverse, culture, unified, Best place to… quality of life, intellectual capital, creative, non-profits, eclectic, charming, vibrant, involved, engaged.

Go, expand, sustain, connect, head start, accelerating, momentum

Business Friendliness
Scalable, entrepreneurs, infrastructure, center, vibrance, transformational, moving, exponential, expand, grow

We want to make the world a better place, and the Google Fiber Network will help us do that.

Thank you in advance for all of your hard work. If we land Google Fiber, we will have outshone hundreds of cities across America, and it will have been due to your energy, creativity, and passion.

Google Asheville

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