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Google Fiber delays naming cities

Google had originally declared it would announce the winning cities “before the end of the year.” They have put off that deadline, citing the large number of submissions. From Google: We’re sorry for this delay, but we want to make … Continue reading

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NC municipal broadband bill back on the agenda for today

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false] Stop the Cap has an excellent overview of the bill – which the public has not been allowed to see or comment on – that is being introduced in a NC legislative committee today. Please contact your … Continue reading

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Vint Cerf speaks of Google Fiber and NC while visiting Raliegh

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Local Tech Wire has a good short post up about Vint Cerf’s recent visit to Raliegh for the WWW 2010 conference. Cerf, among other things, is one of the founding fathers of the Internet and is currently employed … Continue reading

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Action alert: North Carolina is attempting to ban community-owned fiber networks.

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]This is a hot topic and your action is needed. The Google Fiber initiative, as many know, is movement to have Google build an open fiber network for our community. But what if someone else could build it? … Continue reading

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Hatchfest starts Thursday in Asheville: Greenville invited

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]I wanted to take a moment to invite the Greenville, SC Google fiber lovers up the mountain this weekend for Hatchfest, and also to plug a few Hatchfest events that are worth attending. If we had a bigger … Continue reading

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Trouble loading the unofficial Google fiber site? GO HERE AND VOTE…

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]You can still vote for Asheville. Here is the link to the actual poll, the one that is embedded over on the unofficial Google fiber site: Two things were pointed out to me today (kudos to Michael … Continue reading

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Vote for Asheville in an unofficial poll of cities vying for Google fiber

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]You can go to the “Unofficial Google Fiber Blog” and vote for Asheville in an open poll of the top cities vying for Google fiber. Here’s the link: You can vote once a day and the poll … Continue reading

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$24 million Golden Leaf award to help bring better broadband to rural NC counties; list includes Buncombe

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]The Golden Leaf foundation recently announced a $24 million grant for building out broadband networks in rural North Carolina counties. The grant is aimed to help secure $78 million in matching Federal funds – the combined total for … Continue reading

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Google Fiber Mountain announced! Google fiber project to include Asheville, Greenville, Johnson City.

EDIT: This was an April fools day announcement from a non-Google source. I’m preserving the rest of this post as it was this morning, even though the “Google fiber Mountain” blog has disappeared. We remain proud supporters of both Google … Continue reading

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Thoughtful post about why other broadband companies are not installing fiber

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Cost is only part of the equation, as Dave Troy over in Baltimore explains in his post, “Fiber Economics.” What are the real economics of broadband infrastructure? It’s not so simple as market opportunity, investment, and subscribers; Verizon … Continue reading

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