Vint Cerf speaks of Google Fiber and NC while visiting Raliegh

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]Local Tech Wire has a good short post up about Vint Cerf’s recent visit to Raliegh for the WWW 2010 conference. Cerf, among other things, is one of the founding fathers of the Internet and is currently employed as Google’s Internet evangelist.

Speaking about Google Fiber, the article quotes Cerf:

“We really have no interest in turning [Google Fiber] into a business that we operate… Our first objective is to demonstrate that a wholesale model can be made to work,” Cerf said of providing Internet broadband. “The second is to document what problems arise.”

According to the article,

“Cerf, who knows a great deal about networking infrastructure from his days at the old MCI, said Google would like to deploy, test and then turn over the broadband lessons learned to true providers.”

This echoes what we know about Google’s plans for building an open network – they want to build it, learn from it, and then turn it over to another entity.

Here’s the full article on Local Tech Wire.

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