Trouble loading the unofficial Google fiber site? GO HERE AND VOTE…

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]You can still vote for Asheville. Here is the link to the actual poll, the one that is embedded over on the unofficial Google fiber site:

Two things were pointed out to me today (kudos to Michael at Ponderwell for the heads up).

  1. The Unofficial site that is running the poll,, is throwing out error messages and not always online.
  2. The actual poll is hosted from PollDaddy, meaning we can access or embed the poll anywhere.

So there you go – keep voting for Asheville!

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7 Responses to Trouble loading the unofficial Google fiber site? GO HERE AND VOTE…

  1. Go Asheville! We can win! We live in one of the most beautiful cities around!

  2. Ashley says:

    I think that this poll has been hacked or someone has made some kind of bot. How can Topeka KS get over 600,000 votes in less then 8 hours? They had NO WHERE that many votes when I checked at work today.

  3. Have been voting daily but today not permitted for some reason.

  4. Kevin McGuire says:

    Voting daily, encouraging others also.

    Is there a real-time vote counter visible anywhere? Google is pushing a 1 gig service and all I see are the daily updates with Google’s comment…

  5. who is behind the ‘unofficial poll’, anyway? i can’t seem to find that info anywhere. it seems to me that the site is pretending to be google. i wish its authors would identify themselves. am i missing something? i’ve been telling lots and lots of people to vote every day…

  6. Clark Mackey says:

    @Stephanie: You are not missing much, kudos for questioning that site. The site running the open poll is “unofficial” and is not run by Google. We don’t know who is behind that site. Thus we take the poll as something worth doing, but also with a grain of salt. Keep voting and thanks for your support.

  7. avlxyzzy says:

    They’ve started a new poll. Here’s the address:

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