Action alert: North Carolina is attempting to ban community-owned fiber networks.

[tweetmeme source="googleavl" only_single=false]This is a hot topic and your action is needed. The Google Fiber initiative, as many know, is movement to have Google build an open fiber network for our community. But what if someone else could build it? What if the someone else was a group of taxpayers who banded together to pave roads, hire police, and build a better broadband network? In that last case, you would have a community-owned open network.

And several NC state legislators are attempting to ban those types of networks.

Here are some of the links:

Bottom line: this is a bad bill and it appears to have been drafted to protect current broadband companies, rather than to encourage the building of better networks.

Please contact the representatives on the “Revenue Laws Study Committee” (these are the folks who must pass the bill first, and they are the ones responsible for its creation) and tell them to vote no for this bill (see the links for more information).

Here again is the information for the membership of The Joint Revenue Laws Study Committee, so get on the phones and write those e-mails!:

(Please send individual messages to members, even if the contents are essentially the same — avoid simply CC’ing a single message to every representative.)

  • Sen. Daniel Gray Clodfelter (Co-Chair) Mecklenberg (919) 715-8331, (704) 331-1041
  • Sen. Daniel T. Blue, Jr. Wake (919) 733-5752, (919) 833-1931
  • Sen. Peter Samuel Brunstetter Forsyth (919) 733-7850, (336) 747-6604
  • Sen. Fletcher Lee Hartsell, Jr. Cabarrus, Iredell (919) 733-7223, (704) 786-5161
  • Sen. David W. Hoyle Gaston (919) 733-5734, (704) 867-0822
  • Sen. Samuel Clark Jenkins Edgecomb, Martin, Pitt (919) 715-3040, (252) 823-7029
  • Sen. Josh Stein Wake (919)715-6400, (919)715-6400
  • Sen. Jerry W. Tillman Montgomery, Randolph (919) 733-5870, (336) 431-5325
  • Rep. Paul Luebke (Co-Chair) Durham 919-733-7663, 919-286-0269
  • Rep. Harold J. Brubaker Randolph 919-715-4946, 336-629-5128
  • Rep. Becky Carney Mecklenberg 919-733-5827, 919-733-5827
  • Rep. Pryor Allan Gibson, III Anson, Union 919-715-3007, 704-694-5957
  • Rep. Dewey Lewis Hill Brunswick, Columbus 919-733-5830, 910-642-6044
  • Rep. Julia Craven Howard Davie, Iredell 919-733-5904, 336-751-3538
  • Rep. Daniel Francis McComas New Hanover 919-733-5786, 910-343-8372
  • Rep. William C. McGee Forsyth 919-733-5747, 336-766-4481
  • Rep. William L. Wainwright Craven, Lenoir 919-733-5995, 252-447-7379
  • Rep. Jennifer Weiss Wake 919-715-3010, 919-715-3010
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4 Responses to Action alert: North Carolina is attempting to ban community-owned fiber networks.

  1. GOODinPDX says:

    Hopworks Gigabit IPA is now open source! Download the recipe to brew your own! #pdxfiber

  2. Jason Key says:

    Please fix your image links.

    I think this is a great initiative and with Obama coming into town this weekend, that could be additional leverage for getting this in too possibly.

    Just get the site loading quickly and successfully, as there are quite a few lags on here that are slowing it down ;)

    All the best!

  3. W says:

    I would also include the contact info for Senator Martin Nesbitt, Representative Susan Fisher, and Candidate Patsy Keever because they, as asheville’s reps, are definitely in a position to support us.

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