Video by the City of Asheville

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Here is another response video from the city of Asheville. I love to see these keep pouring in. We can always keep adding to the YouTube group at


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2 Responses to Video by the City of Asheville

  1. Mark P. Fields says:

    I enthusiastically welcome Google to Asheville. We are proud that our town is different than most places in North America. We we are the true “Melting Pot” of our country. A small southern town in the middle of the bible belt that was the tipping point for North Carolina in our last Presidential Election, the town turned North Carolina Blue. All world religions are celebrated here with their temples, churches, houses of prayer and mosques. Our last Mayor was an amazing Jewish woman, and current Mayor is an amazing African American woman! Who we elect as our leaders says alot about us. We believe that we are the “Greenest Town in America” with Green technology and innovations exploding. We are proud to be who we are and always striving to be better. Without Google we will still be who we are, with Google we could be better!!

    Google, we welcome you to your new home in the new south!

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