Google Fiber Information Session

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Come out to the Chamber of Commerce and learn more about Asheville’s Google Fiber Initiative and – Today, March 23rd, at 1:30pm.

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Google Fiber Information Session – Tuesday, March 23, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
What if Asheville had a business advantage over any community in our nation?
What if we had a business resource that could not be matched by anyone?
What would an internet connection 100 times faster than available connections now do for our businesses, our families, our students?
Come and learn how Asheville would benefit from the Google Fiber Project on Tuesday, March 23, from 1:30 – 2:30, in the Asheville Merchants Corporation Boardroom in the Chamber Building. During the meeting, community leaders will share information on the Google Fiber Project and you will have the opportunity to record on video why Asheville is the best location for the Google Fiber Initiative.

Information on the Google Fiber Initiative
What’s going on?
Google is planning to install and test a gigabit high speed network for a community from 50,000 to 500,000 people providing residential service at competitive rates. This means way better service for about the same money. The greater Asheville region is applying to be that partner with Google. The groups noted at the bottom of the page are working in partnership to make a formal application on behalf of the Asheville region. Here is a short video from Google on the deal.

What does this mean to our economy and our city?
Two huge benefits are in store. A high speed network that is 100 times as fast as usually available will enable applications allowing collaboration and interaction with other people in real-time and without delays. Second, this network will spawn new opportunities for small and medium businesses to come to Western North Carolina. New business means higher paying employment for those growing up in this area and attending our regional colleges and universities.

When is all of this happening?
Google will make the initial selection of cities to be examined more closely after the deadline for submissions has passed on March 26, 2010. After further evaluation a final selection will be made and work will commence shortly thereafter.

Why will Google pick Asheville?
Asheville is the creative and cultural center for western North Carolina as well as the business hub for the region. Whether we are talking art, medicine, or education, Asheville is the regional center of excellence. The Google gigabit network enables innovative and creative opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.

Ok, so I am in, how do I help?
Two things, first you have to fill out the nomination form on Google’s website to give your vote for Asheville. Second – and here is the whole viral social networking aspect – get all your friends to nominate Asheville AND get them to get all their friends to nominate Asheville, and so on and so forth…… Also, we need videos, lots of videos – not long ones (about 30 seconds) but quality ones. Tell us about why you love Asheville and why Google coming here is not only good for us, but for them as well. See Facebook or the blogging website for details on how to send us a link to your video.

Great, how to I go about nominating Asheville?
It’s easy. Go to Google’s website and fill in the nomination form before March 26. Here’s how:
1. Go to this website->
2. Click “Nominate your Community” button. (You have to have a Gmail account; if you don’t have one then just create one using any email address you already have, no sweat)
3. Then fill out the online form.
Seems easy enough but I am not great at selling things, can you suggest what I should say?
Well, the intent is to get your feelings from the heart about how the network will change you, your school, and possibly your life choices beyond college. Here are some words you can use to jog your brain. Use these to evoke thoughts and emotions and try to express them in your own words. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just sincere.

Unified * Cultural * Diverse * Unique * Vibrant * Quality * Lifestyle * Non-Profits * Eclectic * Charming * Intellectual Capital * Readiness * Sustain * Connected * Head Start * Acceleration * Business Friendly * Scalable * Entrepreneurial* Momentum * Transformational * Environmental or think about “What makes Asheville the best place to……?”

Ok, so I filled out the nomination form, what next?
Don’t forget to tell all your friends to nominate Asheville and to keep the viral chain going by inviting their friends. Use Facebook, Twitter or even just plain old email. Just do this FAST! We only have until March 26, 2010, and then it is all over. So get moving!!

How can I stay informed?
Two ways, first go and join the Facebook group called “Asheville Google Fiber Network Initiative”. This will keep you clued in on a regular basis. But you should also bookmark the blogging website / which is the collection point for blogging and sharing of videos and other media to help attract the attention of Google. Also follow us on twitter at #googleavl to keep up to date on the latest happenings.

What if I have a creative idea to help in this effort?

Great!! Just go to either the Facebook page or the blogging website and reach out to the group there. This is a very grassroots effort and if you have the energy and an idea, then make it happen and let us know how to help.

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