Google Fiber and Asheville: one specific example from our renewable energy sector

Thanks to Scott Campbell and Russell Thomas for sending this in. Asheville has much to offer the world.

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An Asheville-based green energy company – Renewable Energy Business Group, Inc. – believes getting Google to choose Asheville for its one gig fiber network will help them generate more green power for Western North Carolina.

Renewable Energy Business Group, Inc. (REBG) is planning and developing solar energy generation facilities for several locations in the Asheville area, selling the electricity they generate on the regional grid.

“To operate this green energy system, we need sophisticated real-time monitoring of our facilities,” says Russell Thomas, REBG president. “Each of our photo-voltaic panel arrays is equipped with a computer loaded with “revenue grade” system monitoring software that not only tracks real time power production but also tracks how many tons of greenhouse gasses we’ve offset by feeding clean energy into Western North Carolina’s grid.”

REBG’s on-site monitors are networked via internet connection to each other, to its offices and to technicians’ 3G cell phones. Networking gives REBG the capability to monitor for system efficiency and system malfunctions in real time. The gigabit fiber connection from Google will help the company do things like remotely adjust panels for maximum energy production or give remote warning of imminent component failure to system technicians so they can replace a part before it goes bad.

Besides helping to more efficiently generate and deliver clean energy, Google’s one gig network will help REBG with its goal of providing renewable energy continuing education to development and construction professionals in the region. REBG is in the process of creating the Renewable Business Training Institute to provide both continuing professional education classes and seminar sessions for schools in the area. The vision for the Renewable Business Training Institute is to offer classroom training on development, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems using live internet television broadcast from REBG’s remote facilities as instruction tools. Students will see real time demonstrations on real systems and they will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a classroom laboratory environment, avoiding the risks associated with field instruction.

“We want Google to come to Asheville,” Thomas says, “We need reliable and affordable high speed fiber connections to help us realize our vision of a renewable power network.”

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  1. Ev Miles says:

    I recommend a press release targeted to Asheville through It will go active within 24 hours and show up all over the place. We will write and submit the PR if someone can Paypal us the distribution fee. we have done dozens of these through PRWEB.

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