Google coming to Asheville, Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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An experiment on the information super highway could bring a once in a lifetime opportunity to Asheville. “Google” is seeking a town to invest 500 million dollars worth of ultra high speed broadband to every home and business. The city would serve as a test market and “Google” would offer the internet service at a competitive price.

Locals in Asheville say the possibilities with a fiber optic network are endless and have started a grass roots efforts to convince “Google” to come here. They believe the infrastructure would be an enormous economic boost and could also put Asheville on the map as a leading city of cutting edge technology in cancer and cardiac care as well as climate science research.

There will be a town hall meeting Thursday, March 18th at 6pm at the Civic Center ballroom for anyone interested. The deadline to get Asheville nominated is March 26th.

To vote and learn more click on “more info” and we’ll link you to googleavl . There you can also find video, blogs, and sign up for twitter and the fiber optic facebook page.

By: Holly Headrick

At 10:30pm on 3/8/10


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2 Responses to Google coming to Asheville, Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

  1. miniflex says:

    We’ve put together a short blog post detailing how FTTH works, and is deployed. It should help you and your community understand the process and complete the RFI.

  2. celeste says:

    You ought to mention NOAA in Asheville as a reason why.

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