Fighting Cancer with Google Fiber in Asheville

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A new video has been posted by a doctor here in Asheville, Quinten Black, talking about how Google could help Asheville provide better cancer care. This is a great piece showing some of the benefits from the strong medical community here in Asheville. Superb artwork by Brennan McElhaney to make this a very clean message.


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3 Responses to Fighting Cancer with Google Fiber in Asheville

  1. WJ says:

    Just wondering why after watching the first video about bringing Google to Asheville, videos for other cities are featured?

  2. Very glad to be part of the effort to bring Google Fiber to Asheville!

  3. Clark Mackey says:

    @Brennan: I like your video a lot – thanks.
    @WJ March: What you are seeing is most likely Youtube’s own suggestions for related content. In some way other cities videos are related to ours. To see a list of Asheville videos, try going to this youtube page:

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