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How fast is the broadband you are on right now?

Test your connection right now and compare it to the chart below.

Average download speeds by country*

  1. South Korea, 11 Mbps
  2. Japan, 7.3 Mbps
  3. Hong Kong, 6.9 Mbps
  4. Romania, 6.2 Mbps
  5. Sweden, 6.0 Mbps
  6. Netherlands, 5.1 Mbps
  7. Latvia, 5.1 Mbps
  8. Switzerland, 5.0 Mbps
  9. Czech Republic, 4.9 Mbps
  10. Denmark, 4.7 Mbps

18th:  United States 3.9 Mbps

Want something better than the number you just saw in your test? Nominate Asheville for Google Fiber.

Asheville with Google Fiber: 1000 Mbps (Note that this is a top speed, and the others actual average speeds)


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Google Asheville and you’ll find out why Asheville and google are such a good amtch.

Comment by Susan Pryce

At 6:20 PM today, on Charter:
2.7 Mbps down
1 Mbps up

Comment by Clark Mackey

Jakarta-Dublin via
Download: 0.70 Mbps
Upload: 0.08 Mbps
Ping: 728 ms

American still has better connection. To add with, you had more local contents not depended on expensive international connections.

Comment by Seika

Lots of people wasting a lot of time on a pipe dream that will never happen in Asheville.

Comment by Bruce

Bruce, I appreciate the comment and wanted you to know that a lot of us – supporters of Asheville’s push – recognize how difficult the challenge may be.

Two observations: First, when something is hard to do, it is not also disqualified from being worth doing. Second, our community has already built an open fiber network, it operates now, it is one of the only examples of its kind in the country, and it was built without Google’s support. It’s called ERC Broadband. Imagine what we could do with Google’s help.

Comment by Clark Mackey

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