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What is Google fiber?

I’m glad you asked.

“Google fiber” is shorthand for the “Google Fiber for Communities” project.  Google announced this project, a competition, on Feb 10, 2010 (here’s the announcement).  The first round of the competition, where anyone can nominate any community, ends on March 26th, 2010.

The project, at this point, consists of Google’s promise to build a fiber optic network – your connection to the Internet, more or less – right to your door.  This network would be different than what you have now in that it would be a lot better and more stable.  It would be, for example, 100x faster than the maximum speeds you have now and it would be open source (think the opposite of a toll road).  It would also be capable of carrying enough stuff so that TV, phone, web would all fit in one connection.  And it would all be very fast.
Google fiber is a fiber optic network project and something that Asheville wants

Google has stated that they are willing to spend up to 500 million dollars (probably split among a few spots) and then charge for Internet access at a “competitive rate.” We take this to mean they will foot the bill for the network and charge about the same as what we pay now for Internet service.  Google has a FAQ page for the project that explains, in their own words, some of these same points.  You should read the FAQ – it’s pretty good.

So, in summary, “Google fiber” is:

  • a project, initially a competition between US cities
  • run by Google
  • going to build broadband networks with speeds 100x better than we have today
  • going to spend up to 500 million dollars to do it
  • going to charge market rates for the monthly broadband access that is the finished product.

Of course, the project will be a big advantage for whoever gets it.  And that’s the point of the blog – we are working to bring the project to Asheville.

-Clark Mackey

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