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Video Shoot for Google
March 6, 2010, 12:47 pm
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Saturday, March 6 Churrascaria Chicago

From Twitter

From Gordon Smith Today is Video Shoot Day! Use your camera, flip phone, or other video device to let Google know why AVL needs Gigabit Fiber! #googleavl

Sunday, March 7

From our Google Fiber Facebook Group:

More video shooting this Sunday, 2pm to 4pm outside the Flatiron Building downtown. @ cameras shooting…. tell Google how great our town is and how we will innovate with high speed fiber internet.

If you are on Facebook you can RSVP Here

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This amazes me. I live 7 miles from downtown Asheville. Live here all my life sorry to say. I live in Reems Creek 1 mile off Reems Creek Road and have tried for 15 years to get Cable TV.

Cable Television started in 1959. And here I site in the years 2010 in a county of over 200,000 people and can’t get cable TV 7 miles from the center of Asheville.

You and your band of dreamers are worried about getting high speed internet as a gift from Google.

How about if Buncombe County required Charter to provide the tax paying citizens of Good ol’ Buncombe with cable TV first. That would be a step out of the 20th century.

And the time and money spent on this Google project will be a huge wasted. Google could careless about Asheville, just like Charter could care less about providing cable to the tax payers that deserve it. Nothing ever changes in Buncombe County. It’s always been the good ol’ boy network at it’s finest. We can’t even choose who picks up our trash that we pay for. And you think Google is going to come to Asheville and spend money. Ha.

Comment by Bruce

Gigabit bandwidth pipes could end cable television.

Comment by Jenn Charlene Jacobsen

I just finished a short I shot yesterday in downtown Asheville interviewing people on the street about the Google fiber optic initiative.

Comment by Jenn Charlene Jacobsen


Great Video. Will you be uploading to YouTube and adding it to the group ? – or – Can we share at its current location? i just wanted to make sure we didn’t hit your server with simultaneous streams.

@h0zae (GoogleAVL Admin)

Comment by hozae

Thanks @h0zae ! Go ahead and take it like it is.
Go here:
Right click on the file “Google Fiber Initiative Interviews.wmv” then click “save link as” and pick a location on your hard drive to download.

Comment by Jenn Charlene Jacobsen

and please publish it in it’s entirety wherever you’d like.

Comment by Jenn Charlene Jacobsen

Here’s a new video to post

Comment by Scott Campbell

Comment by Scott Campbell

Comment by Scott Campbell

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