Google Fiber: Asheville community comes together

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This blog is meant to centralize the grass-roots push to attract Google into our city, Asheville, North Carolina. We have many small groups and are looking to centralize our ideas and information.

We would like to start by asking for contributors to this blog, secondly we would love to get suggestions on how we can create a board of sorts that speaks for the community in general.

My name is Jose Ibarra, I am a small business owner who seeks access to sustainable, affordable bandwidth to support our city’s Arts, Technology, and all educational institutions. Google Fiber is a viable solution for our city, small businesses, and many of our rural areas.

Thank you Google for giving us the opportunity to express our interest.

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6 Responses to Google Fiber: Asheville community comes together

  1. Sparkdog says:

    Coolness. Keep up the good work.

  2. David Bourne says:


    Thanks for this site.

    Fiber based ISPs would be great for online video. The opposite side of that coin is not so good, however.

    The coming explosion of online video is going to clog existing networks and bring them to a crawl.



  3. Paul C says:

    What do you guys think of trying to bring Google to Burnsville, NC in neighboring Yancey Co? They have terrible internet access up there. Their schools and small businesses could use it. They could use the tourism that it may bring. And they are trying to win an alcohol initiative that would help tourism and restaurants. (They are one of two dry counties).

  4. Thomas says:

    Count me in! I’m all about community building.

  5. Lance Ball says:

    Paul, I think part of what is so exciting about what Google is proposing is that the network is intended to be open to 3rd party resellers. Imagine a company like SkyRunner, with their excellent customer service and local focus, tapping into the Google fiber and expanding it to outlying counties with long-range wifi. I imagine that running the actual fiber cables to all of the surrounding counties would be a longer-range goal. But with what we have today, a lot could be done out of the gate to provide under-serviced communities with a far superior broadband option.

  6. I agree with you guys, Asheville would be a great central location to expand to other areas in WNC. I know the cats at Google wouldn’t regret getting to enjoy the area during the whole process!

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